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New Avida Warranty

The strength of choosing a new Avida is the structural guarantee that backs every new Avida sold at Roberts Avida.

The Avida Guarantee gives you 5 years and a million reasons to choose Avida over the others!

Avida motorhomes are protected by a market leading 3 year or one million kilometre warranty on Avida manufactured components* and a 5 year structural guarentee on the motorhome body*. Combine that with the support and warranty offered by our chassis and component suppliers and a two year emergency roadside assist plan, and you can enjoy your Avida motorhome lifestyle with the peace of mind that we are behind you all the way.

Our national service network can assist you with any issue that may arise per our published warranty handbook, it is not necessary that you take your RV back to the dealer you bought it from, any authorised service centre can assist you.

Motorhomes are complex machines and many people are often confused as to why warranty periods differ in some instances depending on the item concerned.

Motorhomes comprise three main components:

The Chassis – the engine, gearbox, suspension and the vehicle controls and so on. Warranty on the chassis component is offered by the manufacturer of the chassis.

The Motorhome – body, furniture, and fittings manufactured by Avida are covered under the warranty as offered by Avida Industries.

The Appliances – refrigerator, air conditioner, television and hot water system to name a few and the warranty for each of these components is offered by the respective manufacturers, just like a normal home – the home builder generally doesn’t warrant the washing machine for example.

You should read your handbook folder to fully understand what is offered on each component of your motorhome. If in doubt, just call Avida Customer Relations for assistance.

So whether you are trading up, buying a new Avida for the first time or want to choose from some of the finest used motorhomes and RV's in Australia, give us a call today.
FREE CALL 1800 253 136

*Refer to the warranty policy manuals terms and conditions. Commercial usage warranty terms differ.

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