Travelling in 2020

As the coronavirus spreads across the globe and many people have their travel plans disrupted, are wondering what to do about their holidays, or are considering packing everything up and living full time in a motor home we have some advice for you from our team. 

  • Will this situation get worse or better? Whilst we are exhausted from reading and watching coverage of Coronavirus, there is no escaping it: JUST PREPARE

  • Which States will be safe? It seems Covid-19 has literally infected the mindset of the entire planet so here are 3 steps which can help in keeping you and your family safe during the outbreak. Taking a step back, Coronavirus presents an opportunity to discuss how RVS of all Types whether it be- a caravan, Camper trailer, 5th Wheelers or a Motor home:

    1/ Makes for an excellent Family Emergency Accommodation;

    2/ If fully stocked, provides you with shelter, food, water, heat and air conditioning, bathroom with toilet, cooking appliances, a safe place to sleep, (add a television, Internet or a good book to read - you might find yourself even being a travelling HAPPY CAMPER);

    3/ Could be an ideal way to keep away from Coronavirus Hot Spots.  By staying put in a RV in a camp ground with plenty of space between campsites (it could have full hook ups to 240 v and water connection services) you can go on walks in the fresh air whilst maintaining a Safe Social Distance.

    While the decision to travel will hinge upon a variety of factors — from your age and personal risk aversion to your reasons for travelling in the first place — there is no need to completely throw out your travel plans yet. It is, however, time to start thinking strategically about them.
  • We are currently focusing on staycations and within-country travel

With oil prices plunging and bowser prices expected to drop, the Winter months of 2020 may shape up to be the year people take to the road. “Road trips — the drive market — will be this winter trend, “Travellers will be more comfortable hopping into their own RV-Motor home, Caravan or 5th Wheeler, than commuting in mass transportation- such as flying.” Outdoor trips to less populated areas are one way to avoid crowds.

If you have young children? Skip the annual trip to the amusement park. Don't stay in large hotels where you are potentially exposed to hundreds of others. Instead plan one large trip or devise a series of one-day road trips to places in your own backyard. If there was ever a time to get creative, it’s now.

Lastly, don’t lose the plot while trying to avoid people. While a rural home or remote island may seem like the best chance of a coronavirus-free escape, consideration should also be given to the availability of medical expertise and infrastructure in the area, should you fall sick while on holiday.

COVID-19 virus brings unprecedented challenges to us all.

Right now, a Motorhome road holiday in Australia is probably one of the safest environments to travel in.

Wishing Happy and Safe Motor homing to you all.

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