Birdsville Motorhome

The Avida Birdsville is a motorhome without peer, a motorhome offering so much in creature comforts, smooth, economical power and performance; it is a dream to drive. Yet there is much more to a Birdsville than meets the eye.

Each Birdsville Avida model is fully self-contained with large comfortable beds for the ultimate good nights rest to have you refreshed to explore today's destination with energy to spare. Well equipped kitchen options coupled with abundant storage space will delight any cook and make 'eating at home' both a delightful and cost saving experience.

In the Birdsville Avida Motorhome, the driver and passenger seats swivel to allow you to join others at your dining table in conversation and good food. Of course, you may prefer to sit outside under the spacious awning and watch the world pass by - the world is full of options when you are driving a Birdsville Motorhome.