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Robert’s RV World director Robert Wangman says Australian built motorhomes should be at the top of your list when you are looking at different motorhome brands in Australia and trying to choose which motorhome to buy.

The enemy of all motorhomes in Australia is the combined effects of a hot Australian sun and road vibration from our many unpaved roads and ‘B’ roads. These vibrations and pot hole impacts can, over time, cause hairline cracks that compromise the water integrity of a motorhomes shell. A water leak is the very last thing you want in your home on wheels as it is just so very damaging once it gets into things. Electrics, wood rot, rust, degradation of adhesives. Water leaks can be very destructive.

Buying an Australian built motorhome is a smart choice for quality and it is also a smart choice for peace of mind too.

‘Australian motorhomes are built to withstand our local conditions and climate’ says Robert. ‘We have a tough climate here and rough roads. If you are REALLY going to explore Australia in a motorhome, you need a vehicle which can withstand the weather AND all of the vibrations, bumps and knocks Australian roads will dish out.’

Roberts RV have been selling Avida quality Australian motorhomes for almost two decades.  While the name is new, Avida RV have been building motorhomes in Australia since 1965.  Over the past 50 years, Avida have developed industry leading construction and manufacturing processes. The longevity of Avida built motorhomes is legendary which is why it should come as no surprise that Avida also offer an industry leading warranty for industry leading peace of mind. 

The Avida warranty covers their motorhome construction with a 3 year, 1 million kilometre factory warranty and 5 year structural guarantee.  Avida motorhomes are also covered by Avida's twenty four hour, seven day a week Roadside Assist package that comes free for the first two years when you purchase a new Avida motorhome. The road side assist is a great benefit to RV owners who are predominately a little older and don’t want to be crawling around in the flies and dust fixing a flat tyre. 

Avida CEO Ben Binns says… 

‘Our customers have always had peace of mind when buying our RV's but this is just the icing on the cake. For our customers to know they have a fully factory backed warranty like this whilst travelling our vast country, just puts any concerns they may have had aside, that way our customers can relax and enjoy the lifestyle our RV's offer.’

Avida director of marketing Billy Falconer agrees that Avida’s unique construction process is the Australian motorhome manufactures greatest point of difference. 

‘We offer a one pice roof on all of our motorhomes which means no joins in the roof and this greatly reduces the chance of the leak during the life of the motorhome. It also offers superior insulation.’ Says Billy. 

Robert’s RV World recently sold a very nice example of an Avida Built motorhome from 1989! This old motorhome (and many more traveling our nations great highways) stands as testimony to the longevity Avida built motorhomes

Of course the other big consideration when buying a motorhome made in Australia or otherwise is resale value. Roberts RV World Sales Manager Haydn Whitlow says ‘Avida have always been particularly strong for resale value. It is not unusual to see an Avida built motorhomes over 20 years old actually selling today for more than the original sale price of the motorhome’.

Excellent resale value is also highlighted by the fact Roberts RV will provide a written buy back guarantee for customers doing ‘the big lap’ which many older customers appreciate.

‘Our customers just want to enjoy their time on the road. We do everything in our power to make that dream a reality’ Says Haydn.

This strong attention to customer satisfaction was recently recognised with Roberts RV World winning the coveted Avida Motorised Dealer of the Year for 2016.

Haydn says ’Roberts RV world is the best place in Australia to shop for a new or used motorhome because we are all undercover rain, hail, shine with over 4000 square metres of carpeted showroom. You can hop in and out of all the different configurations of motorhomes you could imagine and really sit and imagine how a particular layout might work for you.’

Roberts RV World stock the full range of Australian built new Avida Motorhomes but they also stock used motorhomes from other Australian motorhome manufactures too.

Haydn Whitlow explains ‘ there are many used Australian built motorhomes from other brands which offer exceptional value for money so we stock these for our valued customer too.

In fact, Roberts RV world typically have over 50 motorhomes of different configurations and prices for sale in their 1 acre under cover showroom so what are you waiting for, drop by to Roberts RV World soon and take a look at their quality motorhomes built right here in Australia.

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